The Debod Temple in Madrid

The Debod Temple in Madrid


El templo de Debod en Madrid.
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The sunset is coming over all buildings in Madrid. However, I am not watching all nice buildings which composed the historical city center. Instead, my mind and eyes are lost in front of the Guadarrama Mountains, and the nice Casa de Campo landscape, that I can contemplate here, on the Debod Temple.

This is the only place I try visiting any time I am here in Madrid, especially at sunset time. Here, all people are doing different activities: some people practice yoga, other meditation, some guys are running, dogs are playing with some children over the grass, and all elements show us spring is coming.

Madrid has many historical buildings. However, the Debod Temple is the oldest one. It was built 2,200 years ago, and dedicated to Amon God, although the Goodness Isis got more presence over the years, especially when Christianism permitted to venerated the Goodness, even though she was a pagan God.

This temple arrived on 1968, when Spain contributed in Egypt to the Unesco call over the World, to save all temples located where now the Asuan dam was made. Then, Egypt gave four temples to four different countries, being one of them, Spain. The other Debod siblings are located on United States (Dendur temple, at the Metropolitan Museum, NY), Ellesiva Temple at the Egiptian Museum in Torino, and Taffa Temple in the Netherlands (Rijksmuseum van Oudheden at Leiden).

The Debod Temple, is one of the most mysterious and venerate places at the Spanish Capital. In fact, many people said they feel the presence of a cat, watching them directly… at the sunset time…. I have been here many times… but the Egyptian cat, still didn’t arrive.

El templo de Debod en Madrid.
Temple of Debod
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